David Raboin



  1. Coverage-our records include name, address and phone number for listed and unlisted numbers. Records include all telephone companies in your market. For these two reasons we believe that we can provide you the most complete coverage of your market which will translate into more sales.
  2. Freshness-this is key. We can send you new phone hook ups activated last week. This is as fresh as it gets for new phone hook-ups. We know from the FTC DNC website that all telemarketing groups will be required to purchase an updated DNC list every three months, and there will be a delay between the time someone registers and when they actually get placed on the list. This delay represents a window of opportunity for your telemarketing representatives to contact new residents that have just activated their phone in your area before their numbers appear on the DNC list.
  3. Completeness of records. Better records translate into more sales.


Pricing:  Our standard rate is $0.23 per record for LCNI newspapers.




Circulation Solutions

Van Dozier


P.O. Box 1575

Auburn, Alabama 36831-1575


Fax 334/826-6952


Circulation Solutions usually requires you to send via email 2 separate files. One file contains local, expired subs within a 17-month date range. The other file contains all local, active subs to make sure they are not contacting people who are already subscribing to the newspaper.


Once Circulation Solutions begins calling and getting subscription commitments, they will send the sales to you via fax daily. The list will include names, addresses, phone numbers, and the date of the sale. Put the new subscriptions on your CM2 system immediately and bill them that day. (Circulation Solutions usually sells subscriptions for 6 months but Sue Myers from The Pioneer News, gives an option on the bill to subscribe for 12 months and get 1 month free. She usually has 50 up sells). At the end of two weeks if they have not paid, send 2nd bill. At the end of four weeks if they have not paid, expire them.


Always track the number of subscriptions for each Circulation Solutions promotion. Set up a User Definable Field for each promotion.  Ex.  CS Month/Year. You should calculate the percentage to see how well the promotion did. Once the initial expiration date of the subscription has been reached, you can track to see how many subscribers renewed a second time.