Maximizing Single Copy Through Outlet Growth and Placement

Target Marketing Program


Newspapers are a new product each day. They need to be aggressively marketed through the maximum number of outlets with the draws and returns controlled.


To maximize single copy sales the following procedures are recommended to target new outlets and increase sales at existing outlets.


  1. Plot on a map the location of existing sales outlets such as vending machines, dealers and human vendors.


  1. Review the cross-reference city directory or phone book to determine if all possible outlets are selling newspapers. Develop a list of potential outlets.


  1. Analyze traffic patterns to determine if the location of sales outlets correlates to traffic flow during peak sales hours.


  1. Ride each street with significant traffic flow to determine if additional locations for OTC outlets and vending machines can be found.


  1. Add new outlets where necessary to maximize market coverage.


  1. Monitor the product at each outlet. Supply sales aids as necessary to provide maximum product visibility. These should include window decals, register decals, point of interest posters and racks.


  1. Develop ROP ads to promote existing outlets and purchasing of the newspapers at these outlets, especially in non-subscriber products.


  1. Develop ROP ads to promote the location of vending machines and 24-hour stops and purchasing of the newspaper, especially in non-subscriber publications.


  1. The sales pattern at each outlet varies on a daily basis. The draw for each outlet should vary on a daily basis to coordinate with this pattern.


  1. The daily sales pattern will vary based upon product content. In most markets on the days when the food coupons appear a significant increase in sales can be realized.


  1. Draws and returns should be adjusted according to pre-established return guideline percentages. In most cases it is too costly to attempt to adjust all outlets so that none sell out. A guideline of 25% sellouts (of total outlets) on a daily basis is realistic.


  1. Sales can be forecasted based upon periods of the year when sales are increasing or decreasing. Plan to anticipate sales patterns by adding or cutting papers, accordingly. Holidays, plant closing, weather, and sampling programs reduce single sales.


  1. Increase single copy draws at primary outlets with major newsbreaks. Ask the news department to make you aware of potential big-selling stories.


  1. Promote and be aggressive. This is a business of selling a product on a one-by-one basis. The person in charge of single copy sales must understand this. Do not lose sales due to continual sellouts at the same outlet. The potential customer may switch to the competition.