To: LCNI Circulation Managers


From: Max Heath & Kim Hogan


Date: July 24, 2006


Subject: New Movers Subscriber Program Outline


We want to reinforce the need for each paper to have a newcomer strategy. 11 papers are using weekly e-mail service, (our recommendation, 23 cents per name ) 6 New Neighbor Marketing. Those who do not want apartments can get monthly Datafast service. This is an outline of implementation steps, with a draft letter that incorporates language recognizing that some movers are within the county. (If not yet subscribers, they are just as important to reach.)


Step 1: Add the names, addresses and phone numbers to your database as soon as possible after you receive the monthly list. Look up the address to see if you already have a subscriber at that address. If so, simply use the info to update your files with name and phone number, and any corrections. Do NOT mail to duplicate subscriber addresses. Flag the new addresses in the system (Interlink) so that you can mail them a letter and then start paper.


Step 2: Mail a letter from the publisher/manager, co-signed by you, as contact. Incorporate the language in the revised draft on reverse recognizing that some phone hookup info may be residents who have moved within the county. (A few have added a second phone line, but the vast majority is movers. Getting updated database info, especially phone numbers, has value.)


Step 3: Start the sample subscription for the number of weeks you have selected.


Step 4: Correct any bad addresses returned as undeliverable. First-Class letters get free address correction notice. Standard Mail should have endorsement Address Correction Requested below return address. Datafast can eliminate apartment moves to help avoid apartment switchers who are not good prospects. If you get an address change notice sent back on the returned piece, add the number to the address record and generate another letter and paper start. You may also get some physical addresses where the resident uses a post office box. If so, change the address and proceed again as above. A few addresses may be uncorrectable for some reason.


Step 5: Generate a renewal notice approximately midway through the sample. Create a special message for new movers indicating that we recognize they are not subscribers yet, but inviting them to do so. Suggestion: We hope you are enjoying your FREE sample subscription. Pay now to continue after your sample! Your normal renewal notice cycle may permit the sample start to get a second and third notice, but they should all be special messages, not the ones received by regular paid subscribers. You may want to offer a special rate, or a bonus of extra months (14 for 12, 7 for six) to help attract newcomers who have less interest in a local paper.


Step 6: Place a Stop-Saver call to each start that is not on the state or national Do-Not-Call list. Van Dozier of Circulation Solutions 800-434-4006 can handle this list to ensure compliance.


Step 7: Track the new starts received by both number and percent. Share with Deannie Baxter as a note on your monthly circulation report, so we can learn how the program is working, and whether we need to help you make adjustments. Share with us successful tactics or problems.





(Newspaper letterhead)


Dear _______________: (personalize using word processing)

(Street address)

(City, State, ZIP)


Welcome to a FREE ___-week sample of _________________________, your community newspaper. We understand that you have recently moved into or within the county.


We hope you will find our package of local news, sports, advertising and localized cable TV listings (if applicable) your best source of information to make your life more fulfilling. Our paper will help you plan your weekends and save money on purchases, as well as stay informed of news that affects your taxes, zoning and roads.

Please take time to look through each issue of our paper, and find the features that appeal to you and your family. We would like your feedback about our news/advertising package, and would welcome your calls to (phone number) or emails to our editor or manager (email addresses).


We hope you will consider subscribing to the __________________________ before your FREE sample subscription ends. A notice will be sent allowing you to select your choice of rate terms. You may also complete the coupon (say enclosed, or below) and return it by mail, or visit our website at _____________ to subscribe online. (if applicable) But there is no obligation to subscribe. Enjoy the free papers as our gift to you.


Enclosed is our latest County Guide (if applicable) to help you in learning more about our county.







(Publisher or General Manager)