The following points can be helpful when selling new single copy sales:


  1. Newspapers are a convenience for their customers.


  1. Newspapers will help build traffic in the store.


  1. Unsold newspapers are fully returnable


  1. There is no cash outlay in advance.


  1. No inventory to maintain.


  1. Fast turnover of product.


  1. Sales racks are supplied free of charge.


  1. Promotional signs are supplied free of charge.


  1. Newspapers increase store profits. $.05-$.10 cents per paper is a good margin, often better than most store items at 10-20% of a $.50 cent sale.



Product display becomes extremely important in single copy sales. The visibility of the product is crucial in determining the number of impulse sales that will be obtained on a daily basis. The best location in a store is on the counter, near the cash register. If a rack is used, it should be located as close to the checkout stand as possible.






Retail barcodes: are a necessity in the modern age. LCNI provides them free, under a corporate license. Contact Kim or Deannie if you need a retail barcode.



Scan-based trading agreements: It is okay to sign such agreements that allow for us to be paid only on the copies run through retail scanners. Also, it would be okay to count all copies that leave the store (except for returns we pick up), even though we pay on scans, just like we do at racks. The few copies stolen by (mostly) store employees should get credited just like rack theft as sales, if people can make those adjustments.