Website, Paypal and Log Instructions



VERY IMPORTANT, please read the entire email, it will only take about 2 minutes and save you hours of time.


We are still having some confusion from folks about how everything works with online subscriptions, so the following email is designed to help you with everything you should be doing and to confirm every item submitted through your web site is getting serviced correctly.  You should be checking your paypal account and your log, at least weekly.


There are 3 moving pieces that you need to be aware of at all times:

* You actual site (The Subscriber Services portion)

* Your Paypal account

* The Log for your operation, which provides you detail about activity on your site


Your actual site, is the web site readers/subscribers go to when reading information related to your newspaper online.  If the reader/subscriber goes to the upper right hand corner of the site and clicks on the SUBSCRIBE link, they will go to the subscriber services portion.


Once in the subscriber services portion, readers/subscribers read an opening paragraph about how to reach the newspaper and how to start a subscription. They can then select from several options.  They can buy a new subscription, buy a gift subscription, start/stop the newspaper while they go on vacation, provide feedback comments about service, etc or renew their subscription.


For the items that require some sort of payment, they will pay using paypal.  If they select and complete any item on the site, where they do not need to make a payment, an email will be sent to the local operation at their circulation@ email address.  EVERY OPERATION, (Other than Citrus, and some of it's smaller locations & E-Town) SHOULD HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS SETUP FOR "CIRCULATION@".  If your operation does not have this email setup, please contact me immediately.


For any items requiring payments, the reader will be directed to your paypal account.


Your Paypal Account, is the account where payments for online purchases are processed.  The bookkeeper at each operation receives emails from paypal each time a purchase is made.  The bookkeeper uses this information to handle the work that they need to do for circulation revenue.  The bookkeeper should be forwarding these emails to the circulation managers.  The circulation manager then uses this information to key the subscriber information into the circulation system and post the payment.


The entire cost the subscriber paid should be keyed in as subscription revenue.  The fee paypal charges for processing the credit card payments should be identified as a bookkeeping fee.  Do not deduct that money from subscription revenue.


Your operation should have a pp_accounting email set up, that is used for communication between you and your paypal account.  The bookkeeper should be checking the paypal account regularly.


The Log for your operation, which provides you detail about activity on your site

Each operation has a "LOG", which you access by going to the URL that was sent to you by Veronica Robinson.  The bookkeeper and/or circulation manager at each operation should be looking at the log on at least a weekly basis.


Once you access the log, you will see a line of options across the top of the page, which you can click to see activity for each item on the subscriber services portion of your site.  For example, you can click on "New Subscriptions", to see anyone who has gone on your site to purchase a new subscription.  You can click on "Change of Address" to see who has sent you a change of address and see their old and their new address. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT EACH OPERATION IS LOOKING AT THEIR LOG.  The log provides you with much more detailed information than what you get in the emails from paypal.  You should be using all of the detail in the log, to make sure we are properly handling all request received from our site.  For example, if a customer purchases a gift subscription, you will not know who that customer is paying for from the paypal email.  You must go to your log and look under the GIFT SUBSCRIPTION tab.  You also gather much more detailed information from the log, such as email address.  REMEMBER, all operations should be gathering email addresses for every subscriber. 


When you have finished keying in an email address for the subscriber, provide the email address and the readers information to the editorial department.  Our editorial departments are gathering email addresses too.  These emails will be used to send out breaking news alerts and promotional emails with information about upcoming stories for the next edition of your newspaper.  These are great ways for your editorial department to help you grow circulation.  Breaking news alerts are short email blasts that alert readers about major news in the community.  They encourage folks to read the next edition of the paper to get more detailed information.  Promotional emails are sent out to readers to let them know what's coming up in the next edition, so they will pick up a copy of the newspaper to read those particular articles, special sections, etc.


I understand this is a lot of information and a big change from how we have handled things in the past.  But, this is a great opportunity for us to provide our customers with 24/7 access to our business services and a great way for us to gain some new subscriptions, without a great deal of work from any one person. 


Attached is a document that explains the most Frequently Asked Questions about the Subscriber Services portion of your web site. 


If you have any questions about how any of the moving parts on the circulation side of your web site work, please feel free to give me a call.


Also, please be sure that your operation has the pp_accounting and circulation@ email addresses set up.

FAQ’s related to Online Subscriptions


1. A subscriber is showing up on my log, but I didn’t receive an email from Paypal.

The log is a record of all activity keyed in on your web site.  If someone keys in just their name, while “playing around” on the site, it will show up on your log, even if they do not fully complete the transaction and purchase a subscription.


If a person types in their information to purchase a subscription and “chickens-out” and doesn’t put in their credit card information into paypal, you will not receive an email from paypal, but they will show up on your log.  This means the person is interested in a subscription, but did not want to use a credit online.  This presents a great opportunity for you to call that reader and take their subscription information by phone.


2. How come I have money in my paypal account, but I don’t receive emails from paypal?


In your paypal account, some of you have a small box, in the middle of the screen called “Things to Do”.  If you have not confirmed your email address with Paypal, they will not send you emails (or at least not all emails they normally send out) to alert you someone has made a purchase.  Please call the central office to get help on confirming your email address.


3.  I need to print information on subscribers who pay using paypal, for my records and for auditing purposes.


Inside your Paypal account, you will find a tab at the top of the page titled “History”.  Click on this button and it will provide you several different options for printing detailed history reports about transactions that have run through your paypal account.  You can print reports by transaction, day, month, year, etc.


4.  Who knows my passwords for paypal, and how can I change my password?


The bookkeeper at each operation has the password for the paypal account.  The bookkeeper is the person responsible for handling transactions in the account, and money transfers to the bank account.  Central office can help you change the password on your paypal account.  Central Office should always be contacted when your password is changed, so we have an up-to-date record of all paypal passwords.


5. The headers show up when I go to my log, but when I click on them, nothing is there.


When you click on the link to your log, you will delete the characters: Password, then key in the password that you were sent, in that space.  DO NOT DELETE THE + sign that comes before the password.  Taking the + sign out will take you to an incorrect link for your operations log.


6. Do I have to use the log, and why is it so important?


Every operation must check their log at least once per week. The log provides you detailed information about every transaction on your web site.  For example, if someone pays for a gift subscription to your newspaper, you will receive an email from paypal, which tells you who paid for the subscription.  Paypal only has information on folks who make payments.  You would need to go to your log to see who paid for the subscription and whom the gift should be sent to.