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Interlink Software Users Information
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Interlink Software Users Information

Circulation Backup Procedures

How To Print a List of Complimentary Subscribers

How Many Complimentary Subscribers Do I Have?

How To Change Contact Information on Postal Statements

Screen Prints for 1520 Epson Stylus Color Printer Setup

How to Export Interlink Data to an Excel Spreadsheet

How to Configure Printers

How to Find Subscribers

How to Mail Your Newspaper

How to Print User Definable List or Label

How to Print Labels and Other Reports

How to Record Payments, Refunds and Adjustments

How to Use Inserts

Installing Updates to Interlink

Interlink Supply Order Form

How to Print a PDF List of Active Subscribers

How to Print a PDF List of Complimentary Subscribers

How to Print the # of Active/Expired/Inactive Records by month/year

How to Print the # of Subscribers by Rate

How to Print Interlink Reports to a PDF File

Proper Method for manually inputting expire dates & service credits in Interlink File

How to Restart Mailing Labels

Instructions to Create Labels in a .csv file

Sort-Select Codes

How to Find the # of Subscribers in PO Routes in a specific ZIP code

How to Find the # of Subscribers in ZIP codes

Vacation Tab

How to Flip Labels for Inkjetting at the plant

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