Complimentary Newspapers (Interlink Users)


Through process of elimination, we have found that some errors in the earned/unearned income figure may be from incorrect data on a complimentary newspaper subscription. Listed below are directions to print an Interlink report that will list all complimentary papers in your system. Please print the list and review it at least annually. These complimentary newspapers are included in the in-county/out-of-county numbers on the 3541 report and will count as paid on your Monthly Circulation Report.


In most cases, complimentary newspapers should only be sent to: 1)Retirees, 2)Carriers, 3)Advertisers. (LCNI Newspaper Exchange papers are set up with their own rate code and not considered comp papers). Review your list for subscribers that can be billed. Let your general manager/publisher and advertising manager review. Employees should not be listed as complimentary subscribers. A bundle top should be created and sent to the mailroom. Employees can pick up their copy from that bundle. These are totaled on the employee copy line of the monthly circulation report.


Once the complimentary list has been condensed, make sure the current expiration dates are valid. Set the expiration date to 12/31/xx – using the current year and review in December of every year. Set the pay type to: comp and the rate to: comp.


Interlink Instructions for Printing a List of Complimentary Newspapers:

                        Print Reports

                        Select “User Definable List”

                        Sort:  Af3

                        Select:  Af15  =  {1}    And

                                    Af16  =  {3}    End

                        Hit Continue twice to print the report.