The Grant County News is the primary
information source in the county.

81% of residents have read the
Grant County News in the past week.

The Grant County News
reaches 17,332 readers per issue

An average of 2.8 people reads
each copy of the Grant County News

Circulation of 6,190 x 2.8 readers = 17,332

This means your advertising
dollar reaches more people

The Grant County News is the main source for community news and information.

Grant County News 55%
TV 33%
Radio 7%
Other 5%

People read the Grant County News
from cover to cover

Classifieds 35%
Retail Ads 42%
Chamber of Commerce 26%
Ad inserts 31%
Health Care 30%
Church Dir. 23%
Restaurant 23%
Classifieds 48%
Retail Ads 32%
Chamber of Commerce 29%
Ad inserts 23%
Health Care 13%
Church Dir. 12%
Restaurant 9%
Read Frequently
Read Always


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