Oldham County is many things to many people.

Horse farms, primarily on U. S. Highway 42, have contributed much to the pleasure of horse racing fans in this area.

The Ohio River bends and turns along the northern border of the county. The tiny town of Westport, located on the river, still features the laid-back, nostalgic atmosphere that many people find comfortable. The county has many historic landmarks with the towns built around the railroad and the agriculture industry. While Oldham County has lost most of its renown as home of dairy, tobacco and cattle farms, it is now known for its rural settings in subdivisions and its scenic beauty.

Oldham County offers a rural setting for its nearly 50,000 residents and it offers the taste of the big city. Located adjacent to Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky, many residents depend upon Interstate 71 to carry them to their jobs. The county is large enough and diverse enough to please both its lifelong residents and its newcomers.

There are eight cities in Oldham County. La Grange, the county seat; Crestwood; Orchard Grass Hills; Pewee Valley; River Bluff; Park Lake; Goshen and Prospect.

Oldham County is perhaps best known for its exemplary school system, touted as the top county system in the state. The county boasts nine national Blue Ribbon winners and 10 State Blue Ribbon schools. According to the Kentucky Core Content Test Accountability cycle for 2002, Oldham ranks first in the state in county school districts, and third in all districts.

The school system has opened a facility for the arts which has oriented artistic and educational programs for the community.

There are several private schools in Oldham County which offer a variety of religious oriented education.

Oldham County has an exceptional library system. There is the main branch located in La Grange with branches in Crestwood and Goshen.

If it's a typical Saturday morning in Oldham County, there is plenty to do around town. There is the Oldham County YMCA, John W. Black Community Center, John W. Black Aquatic Center, Wilborn Park, Oldham County Youth Soccer Association and all of the usual youth sports.

Oldham County is constantly changing to accommodate the needs and interests of its residents. Explore the community and you'll soon realize that from LaGrange, Pewee to Prospect, Oldham County has it all.

The Little Colonel Playhouse in Pewee Valley is a historic building named after the famous "Little Colonel" stories written by Annie Fellows Johnson. Johnson was a resident of the area. The playhouse is used by the Little Colonel Players for their presentations.

The John W. Black Community Center is used for business meetings and other social events. The John W. Black Aquatic Center in the background give residents a place to swim and home some summer fun.

The Red Caboose is a historic landmark that sits in Pewee Valley.

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