Shelby County is located in the beautiful Bluegrass region of Kentucky, just 25 miles down I-64 from the state's largest city of Louisville. Twenty miles to the east is the state capital of Frankfort. The county seat of Shelbyville has 7,000 residents; the county has 35,000.

Shelby County is known throughout the state for its friendly people and progressive, can-do environment and for its Saddlebred horse industry. The Simpsonville area of the county is known as the Saddlehorse Capital of the World.

Shelbyville is a historic community of beautiful old homes, antique shops and thriving specialty shops. The city features numerous clean industries and a strong agricultural community. The county's average household income is $58,000, among the highest in Kentucky.

Shelby County offers all the advantages of a large city just 30 minutes down an interstate along with the truly friendly Southern hospitality of a small town.

This is Horse Country.

Shelby County Courthouse

Shelbyville City Hall

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Shelby County Is Just Minutes Away.
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